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Identity AI
Authenticate your members, track footprints & Shield your assets
Forensic AI
Know Your customers, predict behavior & connect the Dots
Humans AI
Scan people, read expressions & monitor crowds
Media AI
Measure add impressions, spot media influencers & unlock opportunities
Green AI
Detect waste, prevent irregularities & save our planet earth

Machine Vision & Video Analytics

Fast Face Recognition

A fast and scalable face recognition model with real-time video analytics on the edge or as a service

Fatigue Detection

Detect and predicts the onset of fatigue and sleepy state in real-time from video images

Face Masks Detection

Detect individuals violating face-mask wearing policies in public facilities in the fight against corona

Social Distance Monitoring

Monitors individuals not maintaining sufficient physical distance in public

Street Waste Detection

Detect and classify solid, green, wooden and construction waste across city streets

Greenhouse Satellite Imaging

Detecting and classifying greenhouse zone coverage from satellite imagery

Text & Geo-Spatial Analytics

Name Transliteration & Matching

Matches individual names against a list of potential variations in another database

Social Media Analytics

Measure, analyze and predict the influence of tweets and underlying topics on generating response

Social Network Analysis

Builds a network relation graph of communities and identifies critical actors roles

Intelligence Augmentation

AI Cognitive Strategy

An AI strategy development framework to help guide organizations succeed with AI

Predictive Modeling

Maximizing value from data assets with machine learning & predictive analytics

Data Science Training

Multi-level intensive training program for executives, managers and practitioners.

Smart Cities Solution

Autonomous Cognitive Cities

AI-driven platform for monitoring, analyzing and managing strategic sites

Scheduling & Optimization

Optimizes site inspection visit schedule and optimal routing path for complex scenarios

Corona Safety Monitoring

Combining face mask detection and social distance monitoring

Headline News

COVIX: Fighting COVID19 with AI

COVIX: Fighting COVID19 with AI

COVIX Article in the June 20202 Edition of the SiliconReview……

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COGNITRO, DE.— March 02, 2 020— COGNITRO today announced it…

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Cognitro Launch ACITY for Cogntive & Smart Cities

Cognitro Launch ACITY for Cogntive & Smart Cities

Today, Cognitro announced the launched of ACITYI (www.acityi.com), a new…

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