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Smart, Green & Sustainable Cities

AI Creating Green Cities

AI is driving advancement towards smart and green cities. Aside from management of renewable energy, there remain lots of opportunities to employ AI in pollution and waste management. According to the EPA, the US generate over 250 millions tons of trash each year. Right now, most of that trash doesn’t get recycled but instead ends up in landfills and incinerators, polluting the communities that house these facilities and exacerbating our climate crisis.

DeepBins: Towards an Autonomous Self-Cleaning City

Cognitro have dedicated a substantial portion of our efforts to leverage AI in creating healthier, safer and greener planet. As a case study, Cognitro is partnering with a waste management company to apply DeepBins to garbage detection, collection and management. It works by deploying cars fitted with 360 GPS-based cameras pointing scanning roads and streets and feeding a video stream to the image classification engine to detect, categorize and digitize waste sites and landfills by contents type, volume and location. The optimization plan then builds an action plan that includes a waste collection schedule and real-time optimal routing for garbage trucks reducing therefore collection time. An analysis tool then allows analysts to conduct sites trend analysis, discover linking factors and build a waste likelihood prediction map. The prediction map feeds back into the process of inspection process and guides the sensing cars to drive in areas with high likelihood of waste contamination.

DeepBins Modules & Functions

Phase 1 – Classify & Digitize Waste Sites
Classify images of waste captured from drones, moving vehicles or street cameras according to the presence, type and volume of waste
Phase 2 – Optimize Schedule and Route
Optimize scheduling and routing for waste collection with maximum efficiency & geographical coverage
Phase 3 – Analyze & Predict Sites at Risk
Predict the probability of future persistence of waste contaminated geographic sites and conduct a root-cause analysis of various relations between sites,

DeepBins in Action

Detecting Street Garbage

How DEEPBins Work

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