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Motivations for GDSW  

Our world is being increasingly flooded with a tsunami of data coming from sensors, smart phones and connected devices, IOT and social media and that is fueling a global digital revolution. But if data is the new oil, contextualized knowledge is the new gold that promises to turn this data into actionable discoveries and critical to decisions and policy makers . Thanks to advancements in Machine Learning and AI, Big Data and Data Science are making it possible to analyze massive amounts of digital, textual and video data and to provide the intelligence that will drive smart-everything: smart health, smart devices and smart cities. Data and AI are the new disruptive agent of innovations bound to touch our world in every way imaginable and unimaginable ! 

About GDSW

 As messengers of big data and advocates of AI, we have a responsibility to educate the public about the nuances of big data and the future potential of AI from the lens of experts who understand the challenge of putting the technology to practice, away from Gimmicks and beyond the buzz words. To maximize our global reach, we choose four countries every year where GDSW is hosted. This year we chose New York, USA, Malaga, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey and Dubai, UAE


Learning Objectives

1) Learn how big data and data science is transforming industries and creating opportunities for growth.
2) Gain exposure on the latest trends in analyzing massive amount of data using big data platform and cloud computing technology.
3) Identify potential impact of Big Data on business & operational efficiencies & value creation
4) Become familiar with the cutting-edge data science predictive and prescriptive modeling techniques
5) Design, build and evaluate essential machine learning techniques to solve real life problems
6) Address technical & organizational challenges
7) Understand how to advance the analytics maturity of their organizations
8) Learn what to do and not what to do as they embark on the journey of analytics


About the Upcoming Workshop

The next stop in our Join us in this upcoming event of 2018 Global Data Science Workshop held on Nov 21 and 22 in the JW Marriott Marquis in  Dubai, UAE with a select group of world-renowned data scientists as they unveil this new and emerging field of Big Data and AI that t promises to revolutionize businesses, industries and governments as well as transform and reshape every aspect of our lives. For more information: call us at +962795500941, email us at training@cognitro.com,


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