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Today, Cognitro announced the launched of ACITYI (www.acityi.com), a new and unique framework for leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence) towards the realization of a cognitive, responsive and smart cities. ACITYI empowers cities with the vision and intelligence to monitor, analyze and manage incidents, objects across city sites using a suite of AI-packed algorithms, from Machine learning and Deep Learning to Predictive Mining and Prescriptive Analytics. ACITYI is built with a vision for a truly cognitive and autonomous city; a city that cleans its roads, repairs its streets and even responds to traffic accidents. At the heart of ACITYI is CITYSCAN, a network of screening devices equipped with the vision and the intelligence to identify incidents or object of interest such as overfilled waste bins, street potholes, crowded areas and others. Those edge-computing portable devices are mountable on street cameras, roaming vehicles or flying drones, capturing live video feeds and detecting and mapping objects instantly and in real-time to a CITYVIEW, a web-based tool for monitoring and visualization tool. CITYSIGHT, provides an extra layer of in-depth analysis to predict and forecast the likelihood of incidents in the future. CITYPULSE, another module of the ACITYI optimizes the task of scheduling and routing of dispatch jobs for remedial actions and corrective measures.