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Mantis is a real-time edge-based pedestrians proximity detection system used for anti-collision safety applications for mobile machineries. It run on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier and integrates with 3D vision stereoscopic cameras from our partner SICK AG, interfaced with an industrial monitor for visualization and audio alerts. The entire bundle is ruggedized, designed for outdoor harsh environments and indoor applications and works well in poor lighting and weather conditions (all day and night, all seasons). It’s performance is near 100% accuracy -with zero false positives and negative- and has a localization range that extends beyond 12m and and is easily configurable from a user GUI interface. It’s error-free ,low-latency and zero-calibration characteristics is what gives it a competitive advantage

Why Choose Mantis for Anti-Collision Safety Applications

Main Features

  1. No tolerance for miss-detection
  2. Works for pedestrians in all postures (standing, sitting, laying-down)
  3. Works for pedestrian in all skin colors
  4. No annoying beeps for False Alarms
  5. All Day & Night and All Seasons
  6. No tedious configuration or setup

Edge Compute Unit

  1. NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
  2. IP 65 rating for harsh environment
  3. Detection lag time in milliseconds
  4. Warning Zones: Zone A (<2m), Zone B (2-6m), Zone C (6-12m)
  5. No calibration needed


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