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The transportation industry as whole is under great pressure to cut cost, increase revenues and improve service. In the age of AI, transit agencies now can create safer and smarter ridership and have a transformative impact in reshaping the future of the industry. Cognitro gas developed a comprehensive AI-powered solution for transit agencies to 1) forecast ridership demand based on historical passengers and region demographic changes and 2) devise an optimal bus schedule & routing based on a set of input objectives (e.g., route priorities), constrains (e.g., vehicle capacities, traffic congestion, etc.). Aside from cutting operational cost and protecting investment, the tool will improve ridership safety, comfort, and overall passengers satisfaction.


HORIZA – Ridership Forecasting

Forecast ridership demand based on historical data and zone demographics

Ziggy – Scheduling & Route Optimization

Optimize site inspection schedule and routs for complex scenarios

Alter – Fatigue Detection

Detect and predict the onset of fatigue and sleepy state in real-time from video cameras

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