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Energy Load forecasting based on historical time-series data

Identified power substations likely to experience similar load pattern

Predicted regional energy demand distribution over the next 5 years

Prediction of Health Insurance Fraud, Overutilization & Abuse

Discovered the profiles/ characteristics of my high-utilizers & Potential Abusers?

Predicted the probability for any member to be high-utilizer/potential abuser?

Crime Segmentation & Prediction of Potential Offenders

Developed a crime-index reflecting the weight/severity  of incidents/ violations

Segmented perpetrators according to risk level and threat to society.

Developed a risk-based predictive scoring model

Telecom Analytics: Customer Behavioral Segmentation & Needs Analysis

Who are our customers? How are they similar in terms of characteristics and usage patterns?

How to best describe and contextualize their buying behavior?

How to best approach them with new offers ?

Prediction of Auto Accidents across Cities Major Streets.

Predicts the number of auto accidents that are going to happen in any given area within cities

Model was developed to provide the daily car crash prediction map

Short-Term Forex Outlook Prediction for Smart Trading 

Accurately predicted the direction of the Euro/Dollar 5 days in advance

Realized 15% of return on investment over a period of one month