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Realization of total value of analytics has been made easier and more affordable with the emergence of cloud-based analytics and the advancement of high performance computing. Now more than any other time, organizations can divert investment from acquiring expensive analytics tools and start test-driving and exploring the full spectrum of AI suites in a very effective and efficient way. 

In addition, embedded high-performance computing is enabling companies to deploy “AI in a box" or Edge-AI bringing AI closer to the data capture point. With Edge AI, algorithms are processed locally on a hardware device using data (sensor data or signals) that are created on the device. The advantage is that the boxed AI using Edge AI does not need to be connected and can process data and take decisions independently without a connection. This is a giant leap in the concept of AI

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Specific Services

AI at Scale - Go Big

To open AI product to the business users, we build a powerful visualization dashboard and streamline all AI-generated insights to your staff. Using our channels of partners with Big Data platform providers, we're able to build analytics at scale.

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AI as a Service - Go Cloud

Today, cloud analytics are providing enterprises of all sizes with opportunities to use big data and analytics for decisions. Through our cloud partners, we're able to operationalize our AI services using new-generation big data platforms to deliver demonstrable ROI. With cloud analytics, computational cost becomes less of a barrier as organizations attentions can be directed on what matters the most.

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AI in a Box - Go Edge

Using high-performance portable machines, we're building AI models that are processing data right at the sensor and creating insights in real-time, thereby revolutionizing the way AI is used and creating new smart AI agents.

Key Benefits of the Service

Moving your data science model into production and deployment closes the loop on your analytics development lifestyle.

  • Affordable and cost-effective AI solutions.
  • Minimal investment in tools, more focus on analytics discoveries.
  • Scalable and robust analytics
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