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Realizing the Disruptive Value of AI 

AI, machine learning and predictive analytics have the power to totally transform and disrupt businesses, create smarter products and services and yield better business decisions. But implementation of a one-off AI project through ready-made commercial tools and/or relying on IT-driven initiatives doesn’t translate into effective use of the full transformative power of AI. The realization of the “disruptive" value of AI requires stakeholder alignment, integration with the business strategy, setting up a data governance program and even building various levels of internal analytics competency across the organization before bringing the technology piece.

AI Strategy  is a 6-Letters Word

As a result of working for more than decade delivering analytics programs to various industries and delivering game-changing AI products, Cognitro has developed an AI strategy development framework to help guide organizations in developing their AI strategy, navigate through the complexity of the space and gain a clear and solid view on how to best position AI within their organization. The 6E’s framework of Engage, Empower, Enable, Embed, Educate, and Energize is a structured model that can be implemented with our AI strategy experts and data science consultants. It has been proven, tested and validated with a decisive success.

Clients that Leveraged our Cognitive Framework Service to Drive their AI Strategy