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Know your customers, predict behavior and connect the dots.

Maintaining visibility on customers’ access and behavior is essential for organizations seeking to optimize customer relations while managing the associated risk across their entire lifecycle in order to build a long-lasting relationship. It starts with identity tracking and proceeds to monitoring behavior and detecting anomalous behavior, as well as looking at potential links and similarities between customers. It is all about gaining a holistic view of customers.

Know-Your-Customer AI

WHOsWHO – Name Transliteration & Matching

Matches individuals names against a list of potential name variations across databases

GBU – Anomaly Detection, Profiling with AI

Analyze behavior, discover similarities, manage risk

Affinity – Network & Community Analytics

Detecting links and hidden relations between actors in a networked community

Industries & Use Cases

  • 1) Spot fraudulent and abuse transactions
  • 2) Score patients likely to engage in over-utilization
  • 3) Recover losses from members policy abuse

  • 1) Catch suspicious money-laundry activities2) Meet central banks KYC regulatory needs
  • 3) Detect suspicious banking transactions

  • 1) Develop a value-based segmentation of customers.
  • 2) Maintain a ground-truth customers database
  • 3) Link customers likely to exhibit meaningful relations.

  • 1) Develop a crime propensity index.
  • 2) Track criminal footprints and locations
  • 3) Link community members likely to be part of organized groups.

  • 1) Score subscribers based on usage history
  • 2) Match subscribers names to social media accounts.
  • 3) Identify subscribers from the same household.