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Secure access, track activities and improve safety

People facial features and expressions provide a wealth of intelligence useful for various applications. By analyzing live feed from video cameras in real-time, the opportunity for securing access to sensitive and highly secured areas will create an immense value for airports, factories and government agenecies. In addition, monitoring signs of stress and fatigue through facial paramateres adds another layer of safety to a large number of organizations such as transportation and road safety.

People AI

Phantom – Face Masks Detection

Detect individuals violating face-mask wearing policies in public facilities in the fight against corona

FastMatch – Fast Face Recognition

Real-time scalable video-based face recognition & identification

Alter – Fatigue Detection

Detect and predict the onset of fatigue and sleepy state in real-time from video cameras

Industries & Use Cases

  • 1) Measure footfall across store zones
  • 2) Maintain counts of people at entry/exit

1) Restrict access to authorized staff
2) Improve customer journey

1) Monitor taxi/bus drivers fatigue level
2) Maintain counts of riders inside bus and outside

1) Track suspicious movements inside facility
2) Restrict access to authorized staff

1) Restrict access to authorized staff
2) Prevent over-crowdedness in public area