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Scan visitors, read expressions and monitor footfalls

People presence, motion and facial expressions provides a wealth of intelligence useful for various applications. By analyzing live feed from video cameras in real-time, the opportunity for counting visitors in shopping stores, measuring impressions of a digital advertisements and footfall analysis will create an immense value for retailers. In addition, monitoring signs of fatigue during driving as well as detecting face-masks and social distancing adds another layer of safety and security to a large number of organizations.

Humans AI

DeepTrace – People Detection

Track people entrance/exit – prevent vehicle collision with pedestrians

Covix – Corona Safety Monitoring

Combining face mask detection and social distance monitoring

Phantom – Face Masks Detection

Detect individuals violating face-mask wearing policies in public facilities in the fight against corona

Averso – Social Distance Monitoring

Monitors individuals not maintaining sufficient physical distance in public

FastMatch – Fast Face Recognition

Real-time scalable video-based face recognition & identification

Alter – Fatigue Detection

Detect and predict the onset of fatigue and sleepy state in real-time from video cameras

Industries & Use Cases

  • 1) Measure footfall across store zones
  • 2) Maintain counts of people at entry/exit
  • 3) Manage crowded areas and social distancing

1) Monitor the facial expressions of customers
2) Restrict access to authorized staff
3) Improve customer journey

1) Monitor taxi/bus drivers fatigue level
  • 2) Maintain counts of riders inside bus and outside
  • 3) Assist in compliance to social distancing and face mask

1) Track suspicious movements inside facility
2) Prevent over-crowdedness in public area
3) Restrict access to authorized staff

1) Restrict access to authorized staff
  • 2) Manage crowded areas and social distancing
  • 3) Prevent over-crowdedness in public area