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Spot media influencers, measure advertisement impressions and create targeted campaigns

Digital ads and social media analytics provide insight into a number of important factors that are directly tied to the success of company’s marketing efforts and the business as a whole. By analyzing live feed from twitter, Instagram and Facebook and twitter in real-time, insights into common posts and influencers will enable targeted marketing with high ROI. In addition, measuring facial reactions to digital advertisements in public places will help track ad effectiveness.

Media AI

SOCIO – Social Media Analytics

Analyze, detect and predict influencers on social media

Sample Industries

  • 1) Spot communities of media influencers in various brands
  • 2) Analyze social media sentiments
  • 3) Create personalized targeted campaigns

  • 1) Monitor reactions of screen ad viewers
  • 2) Detect age and sex of viewers
  • 3) Measure viewers overall level of interest